Sunny Leone sex video

Here is a teaser video of the lovely sex star – Sunny Leone. It comes from a full movie named “Chained” I don’t have it, but I’ve seen it. I just typed in the “glamkore” in my browser, joined the site. You don’t have to because the 5 minute long clip is long enough to see the real beauty of this babe. Her big tits and lustful curves. The source of this film is here

Sunny Leone flaunts sweet bare Feet

Some people love female feet and some love Sunny Leone, this post will make both parties happy! Why? Because it features Sunny showing off not only her sweet boobs but also her bare feet ! Other than that she’s wearing sexy pantyhose on her long legs and all in all she looks ultra fine. More explicit stuff here.

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Sunny Leone Taking a Bath

The last two updates on this site were video…so let’s try one more time, this time with a clip straight from Sunny Leone’s website, of course it’s cutted and it’s only like 1/4 of part 4 but still it’s something you won’t find easily elsewhere. The vid is black and white, it starts with Sunny lighting up the candles while sitting on the toilet, after a while she gets inside the bath tub.

Watch the full-lenght video here

Sunny Leone Kissing With her Blonde Friend

Please not that I’ve edited the beginning of this vid, so that you’ll have a chance to actually see some action as I’m only allowed to post 3-4 min videos. In the part I’ve cutted there was Sunny Leone and her blonde friend walking down the street and entering some big villa. After you click play you’ll see these girls chatting and sipping champagne, but after a while they starts kissing eachother and the real lesbian fun begins…

Now go and watch the rest of the video here

Sunny Leone’s Jism2 Promo and Trailer

For all you Sunny Leone fans – are you aware of the upcoming Bollywood thriller called “Jism-2″ ? Let my show you a trailer:

The plot is: A porn star (Sunny Leone) is hired by a dashing intelligence officer (Arunoday Singh) to become a ‘Honey-trap’ for a dreaded assassin (Randeep Hooda).(Wikipedia)
Check out some promo pictures from Jism2

The movie will hit the theatres on August 3 2012, so stay tuned everyone. Funny thing about her is that she’s looking better now than she was ten years ago, do you agree?

Sunny Leone in Young & Restless by Cafe Glow

So, you’re aware that your favourite exotic model Sunny Leone appeared in some Bollywood productions, right?
But I bet you haven’t heard about the erotic video she was recently featured in called “Young & Restless” filmed by Cafe Glow studios.

We’re showing you some spicy screen caps from the movie – judge for yourself if she looks hot or not. For me
the short video is absolutely amazing. There are two ways you can watch it:

a) By visiting Cafe Glow

b) By Joining her official site ( this option is way better as you get tons of her other stuff)

Sunny Leone Stripping by the Window

We’ve changed our picture posting format a bit, we stopped writing descriptions under each pic of Sunny Leone, instead we’ll just post them in a batch, we hope you’ll like this new way of updating this blog…Anyway what’s more important is that new set of pics was just posted, take a look below!

Sunny’s looking hot as always wearing tight green dress standing by the window. She looks like she was one of the dancers taken straight from the movie “Chicago”! Only I don’t remember any girls THAT hot in the movie though…


Sunny Leone Stripping by the Window

Sunny in white lingerie
Check out the breath-taking Sunny Leone posing in white, lace lingerie by the window! It’s a tradition here that we’re posting only the recent stuff taken straight from her website so you’re looking at brand new photos! What can I say …she looks awesome and the dark make up she started to use some time ago makes her even hotter!